Nuno Bettencourt Comments On Extreme’s UK Tour


November 27, 2008

Extreme guitarist Nuno Betterncourt has commented on the band’s recently completed UK tour at

Hello everyone… Nuno here.

We have just wrapped up our Europe-UK tour.Although I really feel the need to reach out to all that came out to the shows to rock with us… I am at a loss for words to let you know how we, Extreme feel about it all. Which is a miracle in itself considering that I usually have the BIG mouth in the band. But, let me try.

This tour was one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life!Truly…. show after show, you beautifully shocked us with your passion. It took every manly-macho fiber that I could dig up.. to not shed tears in front of what I know now to be OUR fans. Yes! Extreme fans! Man…. the emotions that you guys and gals put the band through were just simply overwhelming. From the second those house lights went down to the very last moment of bowing and waving goodbye to you all. We truly did not want to leave you… If it weren’t for venue curfews… we would have played for 3 hours instead of 2.I also have never smiled so much on stage either… I have new wrinkles in those spots to prove it.I don’t know…. we might have been too young or just immature to realize it way back when… but there is nothing more powerful than the electricity that went on between the band and you…. our fans. We tried to connect eyes with everyone… but we know that’s impossible… knowing that wasn’t enough we wanted to jump in and hug as many of you as possible… For those of you we couldn’t lock eyes with or hug and kiss, we felt you and heard you. And how cool was it to look out and see a whole new slew of young Extreme Fans…. exciting!And the cool thing was that every country and city showed their own way of expressing themselves.Those smaller towns they told us not to play cause it wasn’t necessary? Bullshit! You proved them wrong…. Worth every mile we drove to get there.

When I tried to explain the feelings and appreciation during “Am I Ever Gonna Change”… I still felt there were no words to describe how important you are to us… You are our missing link. Without your voices… Without your love… we are just another band…. reuniting…. existing.You, on the other hand, made us feel like we arrived home. Not only did you offer us a bed, but you through in fresh sheets, a comfy pillow and some milk and cookies… And we thank you. Please leave the light on…. as we WILL be back soon for another sleepover. And we cannot wait. Sorry we took so damn long.


PS. All our Asian, South American and USA fans and the European countries we missed this time around….we’re coming.

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