Ohio Family Plays Role In New Osbourne Show


November 18, 2008

Aaron Beck of The Columbus Dispatch reports that in the early ’80s, Ozzy Osbourne bit the heads off a dove and a bat.

On Saturday in Ray, Ohio, while filming footage to be used during an upcoming TV variety show, the heavy-metal singer chewed on some squirrel and deer meat.

The film crew suggested hiding the ham and turkey, and serving the squirrel and venison instead, said Brenda Landrum, whose family cooked for the Osbournes before accompanying them to a rodeo in Waynesville.

“Ozzy was like ‘Squirrel?’ But we had turkey and ham and noodles and mashed potatoes and all kinds of desserts, too.”

The Osbournes’ yet-to-be-named variety show, which a Fox spokesman said would air early next year, marks the return of the first family of heavy metal to reality-TV land. The MTV show The Osbournes ran from 2002 to ’05.

Part of the program involves the Osbourne clan living in the world of other families who share the Osbourne name — or a name spelled almost the same.

“They said they were picking six families to do . . . (shows) with,” said Landrum, whose son, 28-year-old Joe Osborne, is a professional bull rider. “They found Joey and then found us out of everybody in this whole world.”

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, with children Jack and Kelly, “and one of their dogs and about 25 crew people,” arrived at 10 a.m., said Landrum, whose mother’s house served as the meal site.

“Ozzy looked good!” said the homemaker, 46. “Oh, my gosh! I’m serious.”

Osbourne quickly became “just one of the family,” she said, as he chatted with her father about growing up in postwar England and working in a slaughterhouse before he started singing with Black Sabbath.

“He was a wonderful, wonderful guest, and Sharon was very, very nice,” Landrum said. “It was wonderful. We loved them.”

At 3:30, the Osbournes piled back into a Lincoln Navigator that took them to a rodeo in Waynesville, where Jack tried to ride a bull.

“After Jack rode, we all said our goodbyes,” Landrum said. “This is something you never dream would happen.”

Courtesy of www.columbusdispatch.com