Old Crock Band About To Get ‘Alive And Dangerous’

Old Crock Band About To Get ‘Alive And Dangerous’

October 27, 2014

The Old Crock Band are set to release ‘Alive And Dangerous’ on October 31th through Freemood Promotion/Tanzan Music. The disc was recorded and mixed at Tanzan Music Studio by Daniele Mandelli and Hungryheart guitarist Mario Percudani.

‘Alive And Dangerous’ is the first official album by Old Crock Band, a legendary classic rock combo. The title of the album is inspired by the front cover and relates to two songs on the release, it also perfectly represents the inner nature of this band that’s living hidden under water but are able to attract attention, both live and on record, with electric outbursts of musical rage.

A perfect blend of tradition and modernity which makes the Old Crock Band’s sound unmistakable and inimitable.

‘Alive And Dangerous’ track listing:
01. I Lose Myself In Rock’N’ Roll
02. I Wake Up (In The Morning)
03. Simple Man
04. Tears Of the Poor
05. Dangerous Position
06. Journey
07. In The Seek Of A New Life
08. I’m Alive
09. The Troubles Are Gone Away
10. All Is Painted In Grey

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com