Old James release single “Salutations” from upcoming full-length debut album ‘Speak Volumes’

Old James release single “Salutations” from upcoming full-length debut album ‘Speak Volumes’

Canadian hard rockers Old James have released a new song entitled “Salutations” from their upcoming full-length debut album Speak Volumes, which will be released worldwide on August 25, 2017.

Old James“Biography” on their Facebook page states (with slight edits):

Old James is a newly formed power-trio from Canada. In the vein of 70’s Rock ‘N Roll when originality was king and finding a unique sound was the mission.

Old James brings an unrivalled attitude in their intense live performance and their pounding live off the floor musicianship in the studio which speaks the likes of early Sabbath/Deep Purple while leaving any “throwback” or “vintage” labels in its inimitable wake.

Lead vocalist Brian Stephenson, has earned his keep as a vocalist and bassist both separately in the music industry. Coupled together in Old James, with high range vocals and funky bass lines, Brian brings a fresh sound and image to the modern front man.

As fate would have it, younger Stephenson, Chris wraps up the rhythm section bringing the brother’s history of influences, such as Dime & Vinnie, Alex & Eddie, Max & Igor, Chris & Rich Robinson, to the table.

Sir Andy “T-Cat” Thompson completes the trio with his uncanny blues and rhythm guitar approach to contemporary rock ‘n roll. Having stuck by the brothers through thick and thin, without him, Old James would not have the sound or texture needed to be the future of rock ‘n roll.

2017 ushers in the Speak Volumes era, the bands debut album. With memorable vocals, distorted tones, pure and honest lyrical themes and a kick ass live show full of power and passion Old James is ready to make the world its own.”

Track List for Speak Volumes:
01. Don’t Put It on Me
02. Lemons
03. Words As Weapons
04. So Real
05. Salutations
06. Bass-Ik Instincts
07. Kill Off The Rose
08. Master Imploder
09. Eugene
10. Speak Volumes

Old James‘ “Salutations” (live) video:

Old James – Salutations (LIVE)

I’m gonna break this wallWith truth as my hammerBrick by brick, by brick’Til it fallsI’m gonna rip it downMy hands are AffectionI’m screaming and im bleeding…

Old James‘ “Words As Weapons” (live) video:

Old James – Words As Weapons (Live)

Words As Weapons (Live) from the upcoming debut album – Speak VolumesVideography by Dominic Llanos Audio by Stefan Jurewicz7 Billion lives7 Billion gravesYou…