One step closer to Triumph reuniting? Gil Moore doesn’t rule out at least a song or two.

One step closer to Triumph reuniting? Gil Moore doesn’t rule out at least a song or two.

Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited recently interviewed Triumph singer / drummer Gil Moore and asked him whether the band might play together on the occasion of the 35th year anniversary of the release of the group’s Allied Forces album.

Moore replied as follows: “You never know, something like that might happen, I don’t mean like a tour or anything, but I just mean, maybe for some charitable cause or something, playing a track or two wouldn’t be a bad idea. I mean it’s easy for Rik [Emmett] because his chops are great. He actually plays guitar better now than he ever has in his whole life, he just keeps getting better. So it would just be a case of Mike [Levine] and me rehearsing and learning a couple of songs and stuff. I’m the one who’s really the hold-back because I’m so busy with Metalworks stuff. We’ll see, it might happen…”

Classic Rock Revisited also asked Moore about the notion that a lot of people thought that guitarist / singer Rik Emmett was the talent in Triumph while Moore and bassist Mike Levine were the band.

Moore replied by saying: ” I think so from the outside, yeah probably. Let’s put it this way, I think Rik was the most talented musician in the group, but we all came from other bands and all of our bands failed. We used to joke about our earlier bands… you know I had a band called Mondo Plus Four, so you know they teased me endlessly about that band because of the name. Rik had a band called Captain Mud, which we called General Mud. He used to joke back and say it’s not Captain Mud, it’s General Mud… I said, “…whatever, you guys were mud.”…

So when you really look at it, if any one of us was really super talented, maybe we wouldn’t have needed the other two, so I think at the end of the day we collaborated pretty well.

Mike was a skilled record producer. You can ask, “How much did Mike’s producing have to do with the overall success of the band?” versus, let’s say, Rik being a fantastic guitar player… it’s a subtle thing, because Mike would make all of these artistic judgments in the studio, even when we had other producers, like co-producers… you know Mike was always sitting in the chair for all the difficult decisions.

I think those two guys were both more important really in their contributions than I was. But on the business side, the sound and the lighting, I loved the technology… so I was able to, I think, add something to the stage show of it. In the stage show, if they didn’t have such a great show, how successful would the band be? We never got into trying to weigh who’s more important than whom; we never had any problems with stuff like that. We all realized that everyone was contributing.

Back to your original question, yeah, sure I think Rik is probably the strongest musician of the three of us.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Moore at Classic Rock Revisited.

Triumph‘s “Allied Forces” video:

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