Oni Logan forever appreciative of George Lynch for bringing him into limelight

Oni Logan forever appreciative of George Lynch for bringing him into limelight

Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan was recently interviewed by Screamer Magazine with the band’s latest studio album The Brotherhood set for release via Rat Pak Records on September 8, 2017.

Regarding his special relationship with long-time bandmate and guitarist George Lynch, Logan stated: “I think there’s just a chemistry between George and I that takes me back… We fall in love, we fall out of love, it’s like a marriage so to speak. We understand each other. It’s been 26-27 years of knowing each other. The man brought me into the limelight and gave me the platform to do whatever I wanted to do as a writer and I’m forever appreciative. I have a lot of gratitude towards him for that fact of giving me the platform to be a writer and a singer and allowing me to front his new band. That was 27 years ago. Life, as we all know, has its peaks and valleys… I think we’ve been on since 2010. We might have had a year or two of a break. But we’ve been going steady, being the original vocalist for George and the Lynch Mob. It’s become a family. It’s become my life. It’s become my first, my vehicle project that I take to heart. Our connection together is a brotherhood and there’s no getting around it. We love each other. We’ve grown to accept each other and in a good sense we have a deep love for each other as musicians, as artists and we’ve found a way of making the art work.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Logan at Screamer Magazine.

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