Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Dropped From Bon Scott Tribute

Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Dropped From Bon Scott Tribute

March 30, 2011

Original AC/DC Singer Dave Evans Dropped From Bon Scott TributePaul Cashmere of Undercover.fm reports: Original AC/DC singer Dave Evans says he has been dropped from the ‘Long Live Bon Scott’ tribute show because of pressure from the Bon Scott Foundation.

‘Long Live Bon Scott’ promoter Empire Touring has confirmed with Undercover that it got political after it became known that Dave was going to be in the show along with Angry Anderson (Rose Tattoo), Dave Gleeson (Screaming Jets), John Swan (Swanee) and Mark Gable (Choirboys).

Early AC/DC bass player Mark Evans is also in the show due to play in Melbourne, Wollongong and Sydney from late May.

“To me it is an insult,” Dave tells Undercover News. “Bon would be rolling in his grave.”

Evans was a founding member of AC/DC with Malcolm and Angus Young, Colin Burgess and Larry Van Kriedt. He sang on the very first AC/DC single ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl / Rocking In The Parlour’, released in 1974.

Bon Scott replaced Evans in October, 1974. “I never had a problem with Bon,” Dave says. “He had an opportunity to take my place and become the singer for AC/DC. I would have done the same thing”.

Both Dave and Bon came from the School of Hard Knocks. “Bon was a rock and roller and as hard as me,” he says. “I left home when I was 16 and was knocking about the Cross. He was quite a few years older than me but we grew up tough and did the hard knocks. My relationship with Bon has nothing to do with this. I have always showed great respect to Bon and the fans will attest to that. My fans are up in arms about this”.

When the idea for the ‘Long Live Bon Scott’ show first came up, Dave was one of the first people contacted. ‘Long Live Bon Scott offered x amount for me to sing the songs I originally sang with the band,” he said. “They sent me a contract and the poster and I sent to poster out to my fans.”

Dave discovered he was dropped from the show on the weekend. “People from the Bon Scott Foundation we kicking up a fuss,” he said. What do they matter?. I’ve still got fans telling me how great it is to see me in the show even through I have said I am no longer in it on my Facebook”.

Dates for Long Live Bon Scott are:
May 25, Melbourne, Forum
May 28, Wollongong, Waves
June 3, Sydney, Penrith Panthers Evan Theatre
June 4, Sydney, Enmore Theatre

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.undercover.fm