Original AC/DC Singer To Perform for Bon Scott CD Launch


October 1, 2007

Dave Evans, the original singer of AC/DC (before Bon Scott) will return to Australia next week to perform for the launch of the Bon Scott Celebration Concert CD.

Evans was asked by organisers at the last minute to attend the launch after advertised band Screaming Jets pulled out because of other commitments.

Evans will head to Perth next week to do the show with The Party Boys. He now lives in the USA.

In a statement to Undercover, Evans said “I have accepted as this is of course an honour and will be flying out of the USA on the 13th October to rehearse and then to perform at the CD Launch on the 19th October before spending a week in Melbourne, before flying back to the USA as my album SINNER has only just been released here”.

Evans was the voice on the very first AC/DC single ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’. He was replaced by the band’s roadie Bon Scott before the band recorded their debut album.

‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’ was a Top 40 hit in Sydney, Australia in 1974.

Courtesy of www.undercover.com.au