Original Bang Tango Guitarist Performs For Upcoming Band Documentary

Original Bang Tango Guitarist Performs For Upcoming Band Documentary

June 23, 2012

Earlier this week SleazeRoxx.com revealed that Bang Tango were working on a documentary with videographer Drew Fortier for release later this year. The documentary will contain interviews with current and original Bang Tango members as well as most of the in-betweeners who have performed with the band over the years. The film will explore the history of the band and what the original members are up to now, but for the most part it will give insight into the recording of the group’s latest release, 2011’s ‘Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt’.

One of the original members taking part in the documentary is guitarist Mark Knight, who was recently interviewed by Drew Fortier. During the filming Knight performed the Bang Tango hit “Midnight Struck” (from 1991’s ‘Dancin’ On Coals’ album) acoustically for the first time ever.

Mark Knight & The Unsung Heroes — which features Mark Knight on lead guitar and vocals, Mark Tremalgia (formerly of Bang Tango) on guitar, Reeve Downes (Rhino Bucket) on bass and Tigg Ketler (formerly of Bang Tango) on drums — are working on a new album entitled ‘Roadsick Eyes’ in California with producer Tom Lavin, with Drew Fortier also working on a mini documentary and a music video for the group. To keep udated on the release visit www.musicbymarkknight.com.

When asked the reasoning behind a Bang Tango documentary, Drew Fortier told SleazeRoxx.com, “The Bang Tango Documentary will be a great insight on where the band has come from and where the band is now, and also bridge the gap for the fans of the original line-up to allow them to know what the original guys are up to now. Also there will be interviews with original members, current members, and a few previous members such as Alex Grossi and Mark Tremalgia etc. It will give people a reason, fan or not, to care about Bang Tango, and the current line-up in general — how hard these guys actually work when they’re on the road, in the studio, etc.”

“Another reason, of course, is the comedy,” Fortier continues. “I have over 100 hours of footage, and most of it is like Animal House in a recording studio. A lot of it will also concentrate on the recording sessions for their latest release ‘Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt’. Another thing I wanted to touch on was what happened with the long lost album ‘Love After Death’, which is a hidden treasure in the world of rock and never got released in the U.S. — only in Europe in 1994.”

“They actually brought the idea up to me, for the most part, to do a short studio documentary while they were recording here in Chicago,” stated Fortier when asked what the members of Bang Tango thought of a documentary. “But the more footage I got, the more we knew we had something special here. And when I dug deeper into the actual story of Bang Tango, and everything that went along with that, I knew that this could easily be a great movie. So then I started contacting people, and traveling for interviews. Overall its going to be something special — a little bit different, off the cuff, insightful and funny as hell!”

While an official release date for the currently untitled project is unconfirmed, Fortier is hoping to unveil it later this year.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com