Original Bang Tango Guitarist Releases ‘Road Sick Eyes’ Album

Original Bang Tango Guitarist Releases ‘Road Sick Eyes’ Album

May 20, 2013

Mark Knight and the Unsung Heroes released ‘Road Sick Eyes’, the band’s new full-length record, on May 18th. The disc, featuring former Bang Tango members Knight, Mark Tremalgia and Tigg Ketler along with Rhino Bucket’s Reeve Downes, is available for purchase at musicbymarkknight.com.

Knight, a native of North Hollywood, entered the national music scene in 1987, when Bang Tango was signed to Mechanic Records, a label formed by MCA to specialize in the hard rock, glam metal and heavy metal music popular during that time. Bang Tango’s debut album, ‘Psycho Cafe’, was released in 1989 and yielded the single “Someone Like You” which received heavy airplay on MTV. After leaving Bang Tango in 1995, Knight immediately set to work on following his dream of becoming the outstanding singer and songwriter his is today — one who keenly stays away from the flavor-of-the-moment stuff that seems so prevalent today.

“As I grew older I had no interest in chasing any kind of trend,” Knight explains. “While I was in Bang Tango I was just writing music for the band. It was a different time then and we were well caught up in that scene. By the time the band split up I was more interested in writing for myself and what I like and what I wanted my songs to sound like.”

Knight, who has worked extremely hard in honing the style he is now comfortable with, has every reason to be proud of the adult themes that make up the radio-friendly songs such as “Pack It Up”, “Lies”, and “Sink Your Teeth Into” that make up ‘Road Sick Eyes’. The entire recording, including the title track, represents Knight’s best work yet.

Whether the songs on ‘Road Sick Eyes’ were formed on the acoustic or electric guitar, Knight knew he could get help where needed from the outstanding music veterans who make up The Unsung Heroes — guitarist/backing vocalist Mark Tremalgia and drummer Tigg Ketler (both also formerly of Bang Tango), and bassist Reeve Downes (Rhino Bucket). “We all find a groove and everyone adds their bits,” Knight says. “My writing has evolved in so many way as I have gotten older,” Knight says. “I had to write countless songs before I got my style together. Learning vocal melody and a sense of lyrical content that isn’t cheesy takes time.”

In order to capture “the band sound,” ‘Road Sick Eyes’ was recorded live over the course of a year with few overdubs added by producer Tom Lavin. Knight believes the album is made even stronger by the fact that many of the musicians who appear on the recording were having their own trials and tribulations during the process. Guest musicians include George Dolivo (Rhino Bucket frontman) and Matt Abts (Gov’t Mule drummer). “It was just crazy, nonstop,” Knight says. “Something was always going on, but we just powered through. I couldn’t be more proud.”

‘Road Sick Eyeys’ track listing:
01. Pack It Up
02. Lies
03. Monkey Boy
04. 7 A.M.
05. Low Down In Vegas
06. Sink Your Teeth Into
07. Road Sick Eyes
08. Slow Down
09. Slow Your Pace
10. Wrong Direction
11. God and Dollar Bills (Feat. Matt Abts)
12. Far From Sober

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