Original Crimson Glory Frontman Midnight Passes Away


July 8, 2009

Crimson Glory have posted the sad news of the passing of original vocalist Midnight. Born John Patrick McDonald, the 47 year old died of kidney and liver failure.

The band stated, “On July 8, 2009, founding member and original frontman Midnight passed away at 3:30am surrounded by his family. The band is deeply saddened by the passing of their friend and brother. An official statement will be forthcoming later today or tomorrow.”

Crimson Glory, originally named “Beowulf, was formed in 1982 in Sarasota, Florida, by guitarist-Ben Jackson, Drummer-Dana Burnell, guitarist-Jon Drenning, bassist-Jeff Lords and Midnight. The group spent the next four-years in seclusion rehearsing and developing their own “distinctive” look and sound which eventually led to the recording of their self-titled debut album “Crimson Glory” in 1986 on Roadrunner Records (Europe). The band performed throughout Holland and parts of Germany immediately following the release of their self-titled LP in the fall of 1986 too much success and acclaim.

The band recorded and released their much anticipated follow-up LP “Transcendence” in 1989 for Road Runner Records (Europe) and MCA Records (USA). “Transcendence” contained the band’s first hit-single “Lonely”, a song that was in the top of the American Radio charts in several major market areas for over 24 consecutive weeks. “Transcendence” received equally rave reviews abroad which led to a very successful North American, European and Japanese tour with the bands Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, Queensryche, Udo, Doro, and Anthrax, to sold-out crowds everywhere…The largest show being the Metal Hammer Festival in Dortmund, Germany in front of 20,000+ fans in the spring 1990, with Ozzy, Metallica, and Queensryche.

Recorded and released their third LP “Strange & Beautiful” for Atlantic Records in 1992…Immediately followed the release of “Strange & Beautiful” with a head-lining club tour in the United States that culminated with the biggest show of the tour at the end of the year in Los Angeles, Calif. at the Concrete Foundations Forum along with Ozzy Osborne, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.

Their three LP’s, “Crimson Glory” (Roadrunner Records/1986), “Transcendence” (MCA Records/1989) and “Strange and Beautiful” (Atlantic Records/1992) have gained cult status as some of the best prog/power metal music ever recorded.

After a successful but brief “Strange and Beautiful” tour in the U.S, the band members went their separate ways taking a hiatus to pursue other musical interests. The band’s primary songwriters Jon Drenning and Jeff Lords formed the projects Erotic Liquid Culture (which also features vocalist David Van Landing – Michael Schenker) and Crush with drummer Ravi Jakhotia. Ben Jackson and Dana Burnell formed the band Parish and afterwards Ben formed the Ben Jackson Group. Former lead vocalist Midnight retired from the music business to pursue other interest.

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.crimson-glory.com