Original Omen Bassist Severely Injured


January 2, 2008

Omen founder/guitarist, Kenny Powell, has released the following statement:

“Original Omen bass player Jody Henry was severely injured in a fall lastweek and is suffering from a fractured skull. While he is doing much betterthan anyone expected, he still faces a long and costly rehab.

Unfortunatly,he has no health insurance like the rest of us (MUSICIANS} and a fund hasbeen set up on www.myspace.com/helpjody where interested parties cancontribute to helping with his medical and personal bills. Jody and myselfhad already been discussing doing some future projects at the time of hisaccident.

Hopefully he will have a complete recovery and there will be newmusic in the near future from the original Omen songwriters. Thanks inadvance to everyone that can provide financial or moral support.”

Kenny Powell

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/jeffkellermanagementllc