Osbournes Take In Bereaved Teenager


Ozzy Osbourne and his family are taking in a teenager whose mother died of the same type of cancer afflicting his wife, Sharon. Robert Marcato, an 18-year-old friend of the Osbournes’ daughters, will continue his education with the family’s support and will be part of their MTV reality show’s new season.

A spokesperson for the Osbournes confirmed a report in yesterday’s (Aug. 14) New York Post about Marcato. His mother, Regan, died last week of colon cancer. “He wants to go to drama school, and we’re sending him to the best drama school we can find,” Sharon Osbourne told the Post. “Right now, he wants to stay home in L.A. because he’s a bit insecure because he doesn’t have any family.”

“We want to get him secure here, then we’re going to take our time to pick the best college for him,” she added. “We’re moving him in as part of the family.”

Marcato already has appeared in episodes of “The Osbournes,” MTV’s biggest hit ever. Filming on the second season starts next month; a season premiere airdate has yet to be set. Sharon Osbourne’s chemotherapy sessions will be included in the series. “I’m doing OK, I’m fine,” she told the Post. “I’m so happy — three [chemo treatments] down and 22 to go.”

Sharon Osbourne said she got to know Regan Marcato through Robert, who is a friend of Osbourne children Kelly and Aimee. The 49-year-old said she arranged private nurses to care for Regan Marcato, whom she called “an amazing woman,” for the final nine days of her life.

“When I look at somebody like Regan, who didn’t have the resources I had, what … have I got to complain about?” Osbourne said.

Jonathan Cohen courtesy of Billboard