Overdrivers members explain why they elected to release ‘Rock Out!’ EP rather than full-length album

Overdrivers members explain why they elected to release ‘Rock Out!’ EP rather than full-length album

French rockers Overdrivers consisting of frontman Adrien Desquirez, lead guitarist Anthony Clay, bassist Sebastian Lorquet and drummer Florian Morgano have released a “Making of” video for their latest EP Rock Out!, which has been available via Rock of Angels Records since July 9, 2021. The video is in the French language with English subtitles.

Desquirez indicates in the video: “Basically, we wanted to make a new album. the problem was, with what happened with Covid, and everything.” Lorquet added: “It’s always pretty hard to know what’s good, and what isn’t, to release in a time like this. The fact that there are no events, no concerts… Everything is done in private. We ask ourselves, ‘What do we do, what do we propose, to still bring something new?'” Desquirez added: “It was important for us to release something because our second album dates back to 2018 already, and in 2020 it was two years old. We had to release an album, but with what had happened, we were in doubt because we didn’t know how long the health crisis was going to last, and it was out of the questions to release an album at the moment, because for me it wouldn’t have made sense.

Clay piped in: “To counterbalance the idea of lockdown, we said to ourselves ‘we have to bring the rock’, so Rock Out was the perfect expression to name this new EP. We kept our usual composition process, more or less, we always start by composing the guitar riffs, because we have a music style that is very much based on the guitar riff, and well, it was mainly for the arrangements that lockdown caused us problems.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of the Rock Out! EP:

Overdrivers have delivered a fine EP with Rock Out! to keep their momentum going and have a bit of new material to promote while they are back to playing shows in Europe. Overdrivers have also created a bit of an issue for me when year end comes since the rather short three-song EP Rock Out! possesses two stellar tracks in “You Cheated On Me” and “Factory” that will be difficult to ignore when the best albums of the year have to be evaluated. If you like AC/DC and Airbourne, picking up Overdrivers‘ Rock Out! EP is simply a no brainer.”

OverdriversRock Out! [Making of] video:

Overdrivers‘ “You Cheated On Me” video: