Overdrivers unleash video for new single “Factory”

Overdrivers unleash video for new single “Factory”

French rockers Overdrivers consisting of frontman Adrien Desquirez, bassist Sebastian Lorquet, lead guitarist Anthony Clay and drummer Florian Margano have unleashed a video for their new single “Factory” from their upcoming EP Rock Out !, which will be released via ROAR – Rock of Angel Records on July 9, 2021

Track List for Rock Out ! EP:
01. You Cheated On Me
02. Factory
03. Forever Young

Sleaze Roxx reviewed Overdrivers‘ last studio album She’s On Her Period which finished at #3 on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2018. Sleaze Roxx stated:

“There’s no doubt that Overdrivers are borrowing heavily from Aussie rockers Airbourne. In fact, Overdrivers‘ speedier AC/DC fare is exactly the type of music that Airbourne play time and time again on their records. Do we need another Airbourne? You bet your ass we do! There are a couple of things that distinguish Overdrivers from Airbourne. First of all, Overdrivers‘ lead vocalist Adrien Desquirez has a different more Bon Scott like delivery than Airbourne‘s frontman Joel O’Keeffe. In fact, I can barely make out what Desquirez is singing but he does sound fantastic. Second of all, Overdrivers have included an instrumental song (“Bottoms Up”) on their album. I am still bewildered each time that I listen to the track, which has an almost Irish rock tinge to it.

Third of all, Overdrivers are a tad more crass with their song titles and presumably lyrics than Airbourne. Song titles like “The Best Blowjob In History,” “Show Your Boobies” and the title track on She’s On Her Period are quite straightforward with their meaning. Aside from these slight differences, you’d be hard pressed not to think that you’re listening to Airbourne when listening to Overdrivers‘ album She’s On Her Period.”

Overdrivers‘ “Factory” video: