Own Jesse James Dupree’s Custom Chopper


November 18, 2008

Want to own Jesse James Dupree of Jackyl’s custom built chopper? Now you can. Follow this eBay link to bid, see more pictures and eventually ride on the same chopper as Jesse James Dupree!!

Own Jesse James Dupree's Custom Chopper

Kendall Johnson personally delivered this custom chopper to Jackyl’s frontman Jesse James Dupree. This bike has been in numerous Bike Magazines and is called the NEW ZEALAND Bike because it was built and ridden across NEW ZEALAND as part of one of the first Bike Builder shows. It is also called “Moon Eyes”. Kendall is known worldwide not only for the best Custom Bikes but also HORSEPOWER!

Moon Eyes Springer Front-end was built by MONDO owner of DENVER CHOPPER. This bike is a Right Side Drive, Baker Transmission and Primary Engine is a REVTECH 110 Maxed out by Kendall Serial #1.

Moon Eyes is recently featured in the CD Booklet of JESSE JAMES DUPREE & DIXIE INC “REV IT UP AND GO GO”. Jesse has featured and ridden Moon Eyes in many Charity Motorcycle Rides. Checkout Jesse’s Bio at www.jackyl.com

Own Jesse James Dupree's Custom Chopper

Courtesy of www.myspace.com/dixieinc