Ozzy A Grandpa


Here’s one Osbourne family member you won’t be seeing on MTV anytime soon: Ozzy’s new granddaughter.

The heavy-metal patriarch became a grandpappy earlier this year, when his adult daughter from his first marriage gave birth to a baby girl, his publicist, Lisa Vega, confirmed Tuesday.

Isabelle Hobbs was born three months ago to Jessica Starshine, the 29-year-old daughter of Ozzy and first wife Thelma.

According to London’s Sunday Mirror newspaper, Jessica lives with her husband, Ben, in London. Unlike her fuchsia-haired, pop-singing half-sister Kelly, Jessica has a much more sedate day job–as a surveyor.

Jessica tells the Mirror that apart from infrequent Thanksgiving trips to the States, she hardly sees her dad and his other camera-happy family.

“He’s quite good at getting as much publicity for himself as he can, he doesn’t need me to help him,” Jessica tells the paper.

She is one of two children Ozzy had with his first missus. His 27-year-old son, Louis, is a house/techno deejay based in London. Before their split, Ozzy also became the guardian of Thelma’s son from her first marriage.

Ozzy and Thelma ended their decade-long union in 1981, when he was heavily into drugs and booze (his addictions got him tossed out of Black Sabbath three years earlier). As recounted in the Mirror, Ozzy was so out of control during their marriage that he grabbed a shotgun and offed Thelma’s 17 cats because they wouldn’t let him sleep.

A year after the divorce, Ozzy married Sharon, who got him cleaned up and resurrected his career, masterminding Ozzfest and the family’s lucrative deal with MTV and assorted merchandisers. Together, they have three children–Aimee (who has chosen to remain MIA from The Osbournes), Kelly and Jack. They’ve also “adopted” family friend Robert Marcato, whose mother recently died of colon cancer, the same disease Sharon is battling.

As for The Osbournes, the Emmy-winning reality sitcom’s second season premiere drew 6.64 million viewers on November 26, making it the most-watched show on cable for the night. The totals were less than the 7.25 million who watched the first season finale back in May and the show’s best night (7.77 million for the April 23 episode), but they’re up a whopping 84 percent from the first season premiere episode in March.

Aside from his granddaughter, Ozzy has another reason to celebrate: He marked his 54th birthday Tuesday.

Marcus Errico courtesy of E! Online