Ozzy Osbourne Bothered By Wife’s Noisy 18 Dogs


March 28, 2009

Sharon Osbourne’s dog love is getting out of control – the rock matriarch now owns 18 pooches. And the constant yapping and dog poop is stressing rocker husband Ozzy out.

He claims his wife picks dogs up from the local pound in Los Angeles whenever she’s in the neighborhood.

He says, “I’ve got 18 dogs now… We get them from the pound now. When I get home it’s like I’ve got four new dogs.”

And Sharon admits she has become an upscale dog guardian for strays in Los Angeles.

She adds, “Word’s got out in Los Angeles: ‘Anybody (who) finds a stray dog, call the Osbournes, they’ll take the dog.'”

But Ozzy is far from happy with the arrangement: “She’s a soft touch, I have to pay the bills… In the morning, it smells wonderful in my house. That morning breeze; get a lung full of that, it kicks you off for the day… They still crap in the bedroom.”

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.starpulse.com