Ozzy Osbourne Coming Up With Ideas For New CD Says Drummer

Ozzy Osbourne Coming Up With Ideas For New CD Says Drummer

February 18, 2011

Talking Metal podcast episode 339 contains an interview host MarkStrigl conducted with Tommy Clufetos of the Ozzy Osbourne band.During the interview, which starts 6 mins into the show, Clufetosreveals that he did not play drums on Ozzy’s Scream album, and thatOzzy is already talking about another solo album. Additionalintrerview topics include Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Tommy’s dad, John5, joining Ozzy’s band, and the current set list for Ozzy’s tour.

Below are some interview excerpts:

Mark Strigl: Do you envision Ozzy doing another album at some pointwithin the next few years?

Tommy Clufetos: Most definitely. We are already coming up with newideas backstage, in the hotel rooms and at soundcheck and have a bunchof ideas recorded weather they be small or full songs. We are workingon things slowly for the next… whatever it maybe, time will tellwhat happens with them.

Mark Strigl: I always wanted to hear Ozzy return to more of thatclassic sound that he had with Randy Rhoads on Blizzard Of Ozz and theDiary record. In the same way that Metallica have kind of gone back totheir roots, Do you think Ozzy would ever consider returning to thatearly-80s sound on an album?

Tommy Clufetos: I think most definitely, I wouldn’t say early 80s butI think he is going to return to a classic rock band record. What hehas expressed is that he wants to make it the band playing live in aroom so wherever that takes us. Less technology and more amps anddrums.

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