Ozzy Osbourne Makes Cancer-Stricken Teen’s Dream Come True

Ozzy Osbourne Makes Cancer-Stricken Teen’s Dream Come True

June 7, 2011

Ozzy Osbourne placed a call to a cancer-stricken teenager on Tuesday, saying he plans to fulfill the teen’s one last wish and visit him at his home in Arleta.

Osbourne made the call one day after KTLA aired a story about the 14-year-old boy battling brain cancer.

Kyle Rodas was diagnosed with the deadly disease in October. He has since lost most of his sight, his speech is extremely limited and he depends entirely on his parents to take care of him at their home.

On Monday, Oscar Rodas and Marty Valle shared their son’s story, and told KTLA that it would be a dream come true if Kyle could meet one of his favorite rock bands, including, Linkin Park, Green Day or Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy is currently on tour in Europe, but a rep says Ozzy told Kyle over the phone that once he returns in a few weeks, he will stop by for a visit.

Kyle’s parents say their son was overjoyed when Ozzy called.

Friends have set-up an account for Kyle at Bank of the West Acct# 653251041. If you’re interested in helping Kyle, his father can be reached at: r_and_r_invest@yahoo.com”>r_and_r_invest@yahoo.com.

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