Ozzy Osbourne reveals his new album is finished

Ozzy Osbourne reveals his new album is finished

Great news for fans of Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne as the singer has revealed that he has finished his new album and the follow up to 2020’s Ordinary Man.

Photo by Christopher Lee Helton

The following message was posted on Ozzy‘s Facebook page yesterday (on April 9, 2022):

“I’m so happy to let everyone know that I finished my new album this week and delivered it to my label Epic Records. I’ll be sharing all the information about the album and its’ upcoming release with you in the next several weeks.”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Ordinary Man: “I wasn’t intending on purchasing Ozzy Osbourne‘s latest studio album Ordinary Man but passing by it on an almost weekly basis at a Wal-Mart store for close to one year got the best of me. That and the fact that Ordinary Man will figure in the upcoming Sleaze Roxx Readers’ Top 20 Albums of 2020 peaked my curiosity. Is it actually a good album? After all, I had heard all of the songs for which videos had been made and it seemed that Ordinary Man would be a real hit and miss type of record. “Under The Graveyard” was underwhelming at best. The rap song “Take What You Want” was absolutely awful and really an embarrassment for the Black Sabbath singer. The ballad “Ordinary Man” with Elton John was good on a first listen and keeps getting better and better the more that I listen to it.

And that’s really the story on Ordinary Man. Hit and miss. Unfortunately, there are more misses than hits. Luckily for Osbourne, he has a very distinctive voice so whenever he sings, you know it’s him and his familiar voice can sometimes make a lacklustre song a half decent one. I still don’t know why Osbourne decided to hook up with Andrew Watt for this album. The guitar parts are pretty underwhelming compared to some of the other solo albums that Osbourne has come up with. That being said, Blizzard of Ozz is more than 40 years old and even No More Tears dates back about three decades. The last Ozzy solo album that I really liked is Ozzmosis and that one dates back more than a quarter century ago.”