Ozzy Osbourne Still Suffers From Stage Fright


April 13, 2009

But rocker isn’t planning to retire anytime soon

Ozzy Osbourne admits he still gets nervous before he performs.

The rock legend has been in the music business for over four decades.

‘I’ve always suffered and still do from stage fright,’ says Ozzy. ‘I always want to be better.

‘But when I go on stage I’m so f***ing happy to see all the people. I love them.’

Despite getting anxious, Ozzy, 60, isn’t planning to quit the music business anytime soon.

‘I tried retirement,’ he tells The Sun. ‘One thing I learnt is you’ve got to have something to retire to. You sit at home thinking, “I’m retired”.

‘I suddenly thought one day that the time when you’re really retired is when they nail the f***ing lid over your bones in the ground. That’s retirement!’

Courtesy of www.sleazeroxx.com and www.nowmagazine.co.uk