Ozzy Osbourne’s Warning Against Toupees

Ozzy Osbourne’s Warning Against Toupees

August 9, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne has warned balding men not to invest in wigs – confessing he was once so unimpressed with a man’s toupee he ripped it off and mopped up his drink with it.

The former Black Sabbath rocker dishes out advice in a health column for Britain’s Sunday Times magazine, and one reader has asked if her husband should try and cover up his rapidly receding hairline. However, the former hell raiser insists a hairpiece is a terrible idea for a man – because it prompts people to try and pull it off.

He writes, “I know a lot of men who are obsessed with losing their hair. They think it’s like someone taking their virility away, and spend half the day trying to arrange their last three strands into a comb over. I’d just shave it all off, although it’s easy for me to say I suppose… Then there’s the option of buying (a wig). But that comes with all kinds of other risks.”

“I remember being in a bar one time next to this American bloke with a ginger wig, and for a laugh I reached up, pulled it off and used it to mop up my beer. Then I put it back again – the wrong way. He was furious. But he looked ridiculous in it. It was like he was keeping a dead cat up there. So if I put him off wearing that thing ever again, I probably did him a favor.”

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