Paganini Guitarist Ralph Murthy Passes Away

Paganini Guitarist Ralph Murthy Passes Away

September 16, 2013

Paganini Guitarist Ralph Murthy Passes AwayRalph Murthy, co-founder and guitarist of Paganini, passed away on September 15th due to liver failure.

Murthy was a member of the Hannover based rock group Viva, featuring Barbara Schenker, sister to Michael of the Scorpions and Rudolf of UFO and MSG. After releasing the album ‘Born To Rock’ in 1980 the band broke up, only to reform a year later with new vocalist Marco Paganini. This pairing resulted in the albums ‘What The Hell Is Going On’ (1981) and ‘Dealers Of The Night’ (1982) before going their seperate ways in 1983.

Marco returned to Switzerland to form the group Paganini along with Murthy shortly after. Their first release, 1985’s ‘Weapon Of Love’, spawned the hit “Berlin By Night”, which reached the charts in Germany and was featured on the Alpha City movie soundtrack. The follow-up album, 1987’s ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ saw chart action again and earned the band the opening slot on Motley Crue’s ‘Theater Of Pain’ tour.

Paganini and Viva vocalist Marco Paganini remebered his friend by saying, “Very sorry to confirm the death of our ex-lead guitar player Ralph Murthy. He died like he lived, alone and in peace, like a proud old lion. He will be missed by all of us and especially by me. It’s just mind blowing to know I will never see him again or talk to him on the phone. I saw him two weeks ago in Zurich and he wanted to rock again so hard. He will play his awesome axe now in heaven with the best… R.I.P. Ralph, you will never be forgotton.”

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