Partial Steeler reunion feat. Ron Keel, Rik Fox and Mitch Perry to take place at KeelFest on May 10th

Partial Steeler reunion feat. Ron Keel, Rik Fox and Mitch Perry to take place at KeelFest on May 10th

Eighties era rockers Steeler will be playing live once again as a partial reunion off the band featuring lead vocalist Ron Keel, bassist Rik Fox and guitarist Mitch Perry will take place at the first ever KeelFest in Columbus, Ohio, USA on May 10, 2019.

The press release states in part (with slight edits):

“On Friday May 10th, the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio will host the first-ever KeelFest 2019 at the Alrosa Villa, featuring headliners Keel, EMP Label Group recording artist Ron Keel Band, and a tribute to/reunion of iconic 80’s metal band Steeler.

The common thread on this bill is of course frontman RonKeel, who created the event for several reasons.

“My priority is the Ron Keel Band,” Ron explains, “promoting our new album and building on the momentum we’ve built these past few years. But my bond is strong with my Keel bandmates Marc Ferrari, Bryan Jay, and Dwain Miller and we’ve done some very special shows since we reunited ten years ago.” Those include include multiple Monsters of Rock Cruises, the M3 Rock Festival (twice), Rocklahoma, and the band’s first-ever headline tour of Europe. “KeelFest is a way to get my entire family under one roof, onto one stage, and please the fans and my bands while pleasing myself. It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Ron Keel Band has just released Fight Like A Band on EMP Outlaw Records, an imprint of the EMP Label Group. The collection is getting rave reviews in the media (“One of the year’s best” – Hardrock Haven) and fan reaction has been off the charts. Keel is on the bill at the Frontiers Rock Festival VI in Milan, Italy April 28th so they will be coming in hot for KeelFest. And this will be the first Steeler show since 1984, with a lineup featuring bassist Rik Fox and guitar hero Mitch Perry who replaced Yngwie Malmsteen in Steeler in 1983.

The show will be one continuous 2.5 hour performance, with the bands and musicians transitioning from one segment to the next without any breaks in the action. The song list takes the audience on a 35-year ride and includes all the Keel hits (“Tears Of Fire,” “The Right To Rock,” “Because The Night”), the new RKB songs from Fight Like A Band, and the Steeler material that was a cornerstone of the early 80’s Hollywood Metal revolution.

KeelFest 2019 is presented by Tong Productions, LLC, who have been instrumental in bringing a number of memorable shows to Columbus. “Ron Keel has deep roots in this region, having lived and played a lot in the area,” owner Missie Tong explains. “When he told me his vision for KeelFest, I was immediately on board and committed to bringing this epic event to Ohio.”

The night will be hosted and emceed by the one and only Bobbie Brown – best-selling author (“Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip“), TV star (“Ex Wives Of Rock”), star of Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” video, and up-and-coming stand-up comedienne.

“I would love to do more KeelFest events in other cities and countries,” Ron said. “It’s an expensive production with a lot of moving parts, and I applaud Tong Productions for stepping up and bringing this show to life in Columbus on May 10th. Whether it’s the first, last and only KeelFest or not – I’m going to treat it like it is and give our fans the celebration they are coming to see.”

Tickets are available at and more details can be found at”