Passion unveil cover of Ratt’s “Loving You Is A Dirty Job”

Passion unveil cover of Ratt’s “Loving You Is A Dirty Job”

UK rockers Passion have unveiled a second track from their new four-song digital only EP titled Under The Covers, which was released via Frontiers Music Srl on April 24, 2020. The EP consists of covers from Van Halen, Slaughter, Ratt and Winger. Last week, Passion released their cover of Van Halen‘s “Poundcake” for streaming.

Track List for Under The Covers:
01. Poundcake
02. Up All Night
03. Loving You Is A Dirty Job
04. Easy Come Easy Go

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Passion‘s self-titled debut album:

“Passion are a brand new, UK-based band assembled by lead singer Lion Ravarez (aka Dan Rossall of Night By Night) after he wrote the ballad “Trespass On Love”, which is also band’s first single on its newly released debut. Ravarez produced and reportedly played most of the instruments on the record as well, which was issued by Frontiers Music Srl on January 24th.

Passion‘s melodic sound is described as a throwback to the great, melodic AOR bands of the eighties (Danger Danger, Giant, Journey, Bon Jovi) and I agree with that description to some extent and in particular, the comparisons to Danger Danger and Bon Jovi. There is another facet to their sound though and a few of the songs on the CD have a harder, bluesy edge that struck me as an AC/DC influence. You’ll hear no complaints from me. In fact, that “other facet” to their sound would prove to be the saving grace of the album in that it balances out the lighter, pop-leaning elements of the record.”

Passion‘s cover of Ratt‘s song “Loving You Is A Dirty Job”:

Passion – “Loving You Is A Dirty Job” (RATT cover) – Official Audio

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