Paul Black Tells His Story Regarding The Recent L.A. Guns Break-Up


October 9, 2008

Vocalist Paul Black has twice fronted L.A. Guns, and for the first time, tells his side of the story regarding the infamous show in Mexico that led to his second falling out with Tracii Guns. Being “set up” hasn’t soured his desire to perform however, as he already is playing live with a brand new band and working on new material. If that isn’t enough, Paul also plans to resurrect his old band Black Cherry to honor the passing of bandmate Curtis Grant. Even though he was involved in a bitter break-up, Paul admits that it “all worked out great”, and in an exclusive interview with Sleaze Roxx he explains why.

When talking about the bitter break-up with L.A. Guns, Paul said; “After Mexico I went back to Canada to finish the L.A. Guns record. But, when I got there I discovered Tracii Guns was all over the internet accusing me of betraying the band and telling Alexis Records they had a new singer. Tracii and the rest of the band would not even face me. It was quite a set up. Anyway, our label was not happy and told them, ‘nothing doing, Paul Black isn’t going anywhere’. But, with Chad Stewart, Tracii and the rest of the band turning on me like that, it completely destroyed the relationship and there was no repairing it. It was all exactly as it happened 20 years ago.”

When asked if there was any way he would play with Tracii Guns again, his response was, “Tracii hasn’t changed in 20 years. I don’t think he’ll ever change. Because of his egotistical disregard for others, I believe I will join the group of countless musicians who will never play with him again.”

Paul also talked about his new band, featuring Jo Almeida from Dogs D’Amour on guitar, Muddy Stardust on bass and Dennis Morehouse from Burning Tree, Marc Ford Band and Gilby Clarke’s band on drums, the Black Cherry reunion and his work on an upcoming TV pilot.

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