Paul Di’Anno Live DVD ‘The Beast Arises’ Coming In October

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July 11, 2014

Paul Di’Anno returned to Poland in 2014 to play a string of live shows. One of the shows, at the Lizard Club in Krakow on April 9th, was recorded for the purposes of a live DVD release. ‘The Beast Arises’ DVD has been set for release on October 6th in Europe through Metal Mind Productions and October 7th in North America via MVD — the collection will also be available on CD and double LP.

The material from the DVD captures a sensational live show in a club full of fans that would not let Di’Anno leave the stage for a long time. The setlist included the best Iron Maiden tracks (from the period when Di’Anno was the band’s lead singer), as well as Killers and solo tracks. The DVD also includes bonus features such as an interview with Di’Anno, a photo gallery and more.

Paul Di’Anno is best known as the first vocalist to record with the iconic band Iron Maiden, from 1978 to 1981. Despite world-wide success lurking just around the corner, Di’Anno departed from the band by the fall of 1981 (he’s since admitted that he was partying a bit too hard around the time of his departure). However, Di’Anno’s unique and extremely powerful voice had made a huge impression on rock music fans the world over, and also gained him an army of fans due to the sales of more than 20 million copies of the first two Iron Maiden albums (‘Iron Maiden’ and ‘Killers’) featuring Paul’s unique vocal talent.

In his post-Maiden career, Di’Anno has issued numerous albums, both as a solo artist and as a member of such bands as Gogmagog, Battlezone and Killers, and he has been featured (either as the artist or as a guest) on more than 60 albums worldwide.

As a confirmed icon of the metal genre, Di’Anno is constantly gigging (with his various bands) throughout all of Europe, USA, Canada, Central and South America, Australia, Asia, etc. Di’Anno has even had time to have his first full sized and highly acclaimed autobiography released entitled ‘The Beast’, which is a no holds barred journey through his turbulent and often disturbing car crash lifestyle, throughout the last two decades.

Although he only appeared on the first two Iron Maiden albums, Maiden’s work with Paul Di’Anno remains among metal’s all-time finest, and to this day those two albums are idolized and thought of as all time classics by most heavy metal fans and musicians alike throughout the World.

Full details of the forthcoming Paul Di’Anno DVD release will be revealed soon.

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