Paul Gilbert Releasing Instrumental ‘Silence Followed By A Deafening Roar’ On April 8


April 3, 2008

On April 8, Paul Gilbert will unleash yet another instrumental masterpiece on Shrapnel Records. SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR comes out on the tail end of his successful and very first instrumental CD, 2006’s GET OUT OF MY YARD.

SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR’s title is inspired by a recent move that Gilbert and his wife made from one house to another. “After two long months of packing, moving, and learning about the vast sciences of plumbing and electrical house wiring, I was very much looking forward to becoming a GUITARIST again,” explains Gilbert. This CD is the result of that desire. “I suppose those two months without my guitar is the ‘Silence,’ and the sound of me happily reuniting with my favorite musical instrument could be the ‘Deafening Roar.’ “

Gilbert’s extraordinary talent of arranging/composing lends to the new music’s fresh melodies for songs that show his true diversity. Gilbert discusses some of the songs and how they came to light: “The first three songs on the album are sort of a bridge from the riff-and-solo style of GET OUT OF MY YARD to my new discoveries in melody writing that come in the songs that follow. ‘Silence,’ ‘Eudaimonia Overture’ and ‘The Rhino’ certainly have melodic elements, but from ‘Norwegian Cowbell’ until the end of the record, I use pure melody more and more. Many of these melodies were actually composed with my singing voice.”

Paul Gilbert, regarded internationally as one of the greatest players in the industry, started his recording career with Shrapnel Records as a teenager in the late Eighties. He remains one of the most active guitarists from the original shred guitar scene. Hi rise to Platinum success includes a number one song with Mr. Big (1991’s “To Be With You”) and cult status as founding member of the legendary and highly successful underground progressive metal band Racer X.

Gilbert’s celebrity draws from nearly 20 albums and more than two decades as a recording artist and touring musician. Last year Gilbert toured on the legendary G3 tour in support of Joe Satriani, and his performances confirmed to a younger audience what Gilbert fans have known for more than 20 years; that Paul Gilbert is simply one of the greatest guitar players on the planet today.

Gilbert follows the release of SILENCE FOLLOWED BY A DEAFENING ROAR with a record release show at the House of Blues Sunset Strip in Hollywood on Wednesday, May 7th, Gilbert will then tour the U.K. with Joe Satriani, with many more headlining shows to follow all around the world.

Don’t miss Paul Gilbert and his amazing band as they rock across the globe!

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