Paul Sabu Working On New Studio Album

Paul Sabu Working On New Studio Album

October 2, 2011

Paul Sabu has entered a Los Angeles studio to record the follow-up to the successful ‘Call Of The Wild’ which was release by Z Records in July of this year.

Paul is now hard at work on new material in the vein of his classic ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Only Child’ releases, something that has been on many fans wish lists for many years.

The all new album currently has the working title of ‘Bloody Hell’ and may featuresuch song titles as “Back To Back”, “Rock In The Road”, “Bite Til It Hurts”, “Read My Eyes”, “Bang It Out” and “Bangkok Rules” when released during March of 2012 to coincide withPaul’s debut appearance on UK soil on May 5th at Z Rock 2012.

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