Paul Sabu’s ‘Call Of The Wild’ Revealed

Paul Sabu’s ‘Call Of The Wild’ Revealed

April 11, 2011

Paul Sabu's 'Call Of The Wild' RevealedPaul Sabu’s ‘Call Of The Wild’, the essential Sabu collection featuring16 classics tracks remastered with a indepth history of one of AOR’s true Gods, will be released on July 4th through Z Records. An all new Paul Sabu studio album, in the vien of the classics Heartbreak and Only Child albums, will be coming in early 2012.

Emmy winning singer, song-writer and guitarist Paul Sabu is best known for his work with an arsenal of artists such as David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Little Caesar, Lee Aaron, Madonna, Malice, Motels, Robbie Neville, Only Child, Silent Rage, The Nelsons, Shania Twain, John Waite, Fatal Smile and many more.

Call Of The Wild track listing:
01: Angeline
02: Just Ask
03: Call Of The Wild
04: I Believe In You
05: Cherie
06: Arms Of A Hangman
07: Heartbreak
08: Mad Dog
09: I Wanna Touch
10: Who Else Is Touching You
11: Always
12: Sscream until You Like It
13: Hot Flash
14: Save A Place In Your Heart
15: Bad Blood
16: Spitfire

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