Paul Sabu’s Kidd Glove Gets Reissued With Bonus Tracks

Paul Sabu’s Kidd Glove Gets Reissued With Bonus Tracks

April 11, 2010

Paul Sabu's Kidd Glove Gets Reissued With Bonus TracksYesterrock Records have reissued Kidd Glove’s self-titled release, complete with bonus tracks. The CD is now available for purchase at and

It all started when Motown decided to add a Rock Division to their company. Getting signed to Motown Records at 22 was quite an experience in itself. A guy by the name of Steve Barri was, at that time, the head of A&R at Motown and also the designated producer for this undertaking. They held a huge audition in L.A. which literally consisted of hundreds of contestants to find the perfect “Rock Dude” so I joined the crowds of rock artists that were auditioning and somehow won. I hadn’t researched it much before the audition and remember asking myself, “I wonder what I won.” The answer was forthcoming and I was immediately paired up with a couple of Motown staff writers to begin writing the Kidd Glove album. It was recorded a couple of months later and released with great anticipation and attained great success.

As a special bonus this re-issue also includes the first video from that album called “Good Clean Fun.”Furthermore included are a few bonus tracks from a film called “The Babysitters”. Another bonus song included is the song Paul Sabu wrote about his son titled “Viking Boy.” which has never been released before.

Track list: 1. Good Clean Fun, 2. Killer Instinct, 3. Street Angel, 4. Spirit Of The Night, 5. Fade To Black, 6. Hellzarockin’, 7. Somewhere In A Song, 8. Secrets, 9. Susie Wants To Be A StarBonus Tracks: 10. Viking Boy, 11. At War With The Weights, 12. The Babysitters 13. Brothers Forever; Bonus Video: “Good Clean Fun”

Line-Up: Paul Sabu – Vocals & Guitars; Tommy Amato, Mike Baer – Drums; Jeff Steele, Murril Maglio – Bass; Bobby Sandstorm, Tommy Rude – Keyboards

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