Paul Stanley ‘Artwork’ Being Auctioned For $20,000

Paul Stanley ‘Artwork’ Being Auctioned For $20,000

April 7, 2010

An original piece of Paul Stanley artwork (if you can call it that) is being auctioned online for $20,000 at this eBay location.

Entitled ‘Kyoto’, the orginal artwork looks like a square box drawn by a pre-schooler. This is the original acrylic on canvas painting, and not the limited edition giclee print.

Inspired by Paul’s memories of Japan, The KISS vocalist said, “Kyoto symbolizes for me that all civilizations have a connection to spirituality at their core and that although a religion or other outside influences may ultimately distort it’s purity, we innately seek a relationship with a higher power.”

Paul Stanley and KISS recently top the Sleaze Roxx Reader’s Top 20 CDs of 2009 list with their album ‘Sonic Boom’. To see the results fo the fan voting visit

Information on how to bid on this unique collectible can be found at

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