Paul Stanley can seriously see himself not being in KISS and that being overcome

Photo by Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography

Paul Stanley can seriously see himself not being in KISS and that being overcome

KISS co-founder, singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley was recently interviewed by Billboard and spoke about his paintings, R&B group Soul Station and KISS possibly continuing without him and bassist / singer Gene Simmons.

In terms of the latter, Stanley stated: “The thought of me not being involved certainly comes to mind… I’m not sure about the idea of Kiss coming to an end. We’ve built something that’s so iconic, and I think it transcends any of the members so I can certainly see me not being there, seriously. There was a time where people said it had to be the four of us (Stanley, Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss) and those people are already 50 percent wrong. So I’m betting (another absence) could be overcome, too.”

You can read the rest of the article / interview with Stanley at Billboard.

Back in or about July 2016, Stanley was interviewed by 16-year-old radio host Miles “The Shoe” Schuman at David Fishof’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp (and as reported by Blabbermouth) and stated as followed on the possibility of KISS one day carrying on without any original members, including Stanley and Simmons:

“It sounds more sterile and more… It sounds like something that it’s really not. But truth be told, I didn’t invent the wheel. What I do on stage is a mixture of all the people that inspired me. I don’t know what I’ve done that’s truly original; I stole from a lot of good people and mixed it all together. KISS has a forty-year history now and a point of view and how we relate to our audience and how we relate to each other. We sing about self-empowerment and about celebrating being alive — things that are pretty timeless. And once the original band was no more, it just became clear to us that, in some ways, we’re much more a sports team. We don’t fall into the limitations of other bands, because we’re not other bands. So, yeah, at some point, I’d love to see somebody in the band in my place, and it’s because I love the band.”