Paul Stanley Changes His Mind About Quitting Kiss


April 14, 2008

Kiss rocker Paul Stanley has changed his mind about quitting the band – he now wants “a couple of other members” to leave instead. The 56-year-old singer – alongside Gene Simmons, the only founding member still performing with Kiss – recently claimed he would walk away after the group’s recent farewell tour and urged bandmates to continue without him.

He said, “I really, firmly believe there will come a time when the band will continue without me. I can’t live within the boundaries people set for me.”

But Stanley now wants to stay, saying, “The band has never been better. The fact is, we did do a farewell tour and by the end of the tour I realized that the only thing I wanted to say farewell to was a couple of members and the band should continue. The only ones who question that are the ones who don’t want us to continue, and they’re so insignificant in numbers that they do not even warrant an answer.”

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