Paul Stanley Feels That His Kiss Days Are Numbered


March 21, 2008

Kiss rocker Paul Stanley has hinted he is on the verge of quitting the veteran band. Alongside Gene Simmons, the 56-year-old is the only founding member of the band still performing with Kiss.

And, although Stanley admits his time with the colorful supergroup is coming to an end, he sees no reason why his departure should signal the band’s demise.

He says, “I really, firmly believe there will come a time when the band will continue without me. Some people can’t imagine it without me, but I’m here to tell you, I can. There is somebody out there with the same amount of passion and the same amount of drive. Which is not to say I wouldn’t want to have creative control. I think Kiss is more about a point of view, about a respect for fans and about a loyalty and a direction much more than it is the people in the band.

“We don’t follow the same rules as other bands. I can’t live within the boundaries people set for me. I believe Kiss is founded on something so solid that it will continue to live on, the way a football team continues. There have been great players, but there will always be other players.”

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