Paul Stanley thinks KISS’ song “Hell Or Hallelujah” will become a classic

Paul Stanley thinks KISS’ song “Hell Or Hallelujah” will become a classic

KISS frontman and co-founder Paul Stanley recently advised that KISS releasing a new album was a “very conflicted subject” and that he thought that the legendary group’s song “Hell Or Hallelujah” from the band’s last studio album Monster (2012) will become a classic.

The following are excerpts from’s interview with Stanley:

Are they planning a new album? “Well, it’s a very conflicted subject,” he says. “In one sense, there’s no reason to put out any new music. Because the delivery systems that are available don’t pay. We’re in a situation now where artists have to take what they can get, as opposed to what they deserve. For me, it’s more of a moral issue than anything else, because I don’t have to worry about paying the rent, but what about new bands?”

The other issue, of course, is that fans don’t always like to hear new music. Stanley notes that it can take a few years (or more) for a song to become a fan favorite.

“A classic song can only become classic as it gains patina, so to speak, as it gains age,” he notes. “Not to get too highbrow, but fine wine has to age, and what makes a song classic is that it endures and that you have a time period or an event that’s associated with it, and that doesn’t just happen overnight. ‘Psycho Circus’ has become a classic, ‘Lick It Up’ has become a classic. Do I think ‘Hell or Hallelujah’ [from the band’s 2012 album, Monster] will? Absolutely.”

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KISS‘ “Hell Or Hallelujah” lyric video:

Kiss – Hell Or Hallelujah (Lyric Video)

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