Paul Stanley Trades Concerts For Canvas


December 14, 2007

Wentworth Gallery, one ofthe nation’s leading fine art retailers, is proud to present an artexhibition by artist and rock icon Paul Stanley. The KISS front man willpresent his work at two special appearances at the Wentworth Gallery atRoosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, Long Island on Friday, January 4 andSaturday, January 5.

Both appearances are open to the public and free of charge.

Paul Stanley’s Wentworth Gallery Appearances
Friday – January 4, 2008 6-9 PM
Saturday – January 5, 2008 6-9 PM

Wentworth Gallery
Roosevelt Field Mall
Garden City, NY 11530
RSVP: 516.742.6100
*Call for details on the special VIP Reception with Paul Stanley

For more than 30 years, Paul Stanley has reigned supreme as one of thesingle-most recognizable front-men in the history of rock and roll. He’sthe principal songwriter, driving force and unwavering voice of KISS. Avisionary and trendsetter since the early 1970s, Stanley’s passion for boththe musical and visual arts has perhaps been the key to the astonishingongoing world phenomenon known as KISS. His artistic and visual input hasbeen seen in his designs of KISS album covers, stages and apparel. As anart major and graduate of the prestigious high school of Music and Art inNYC, Stanley has returned to his passion for painting, to share with youthe deep emotions his art conveys. Stanley creates portraits and abstractsthat are emotionally charged compositions. He aims to maximize the direct,physical impact of his paintings through scale, texture, color andsimplicity of images. In a few short years of exhibiting, Stanley’s workshave been acquired by numerous art collectors and he has been commissionedto create large works to be displayed by an international corporate entity.Stanley’s tremendous success as a painter has translated into millions ofdollars in art sales. For additional information on Paul Stanley please goto

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