Peep Show Sign With Street Symphonies Records


July 10, 2009

The scottish sleaze glam band Peep Show will release their debut album, “Out For Blood”, on August 10th via Street Symphonies Records (

The album features 10 explosive songs: the title track sees the Murderdolls meet W.A.S.P in a bloody, head-on collision, while ‘Turn It Up’ is full-on grinding Faster Pussycat touched by the hand of KISS. Live favourite ‘The Stand’ is a lush melodic anthem that’s not a million miles away from Hanoi Rocks, while ‘I Want You’ could have been penned by Mike Monroe himself. ‘Take The Fall’ mixes the stadium oomph of Guns N’ Roses with the raunchy drive of Alice Cooper.

Fusing ’70s punk rock anarchy with ’80s excess, this is a glorious, glittering debut that oozes attitude and energy: as the title track proclaims, no compromise here…

Peep Show Sign With Street Symphonies Records

“Out For Blood ” track listing:
1. The Stand
2. Turn It Up
3. Out For Blood
4. Teenage Nightmare
5. Peep Show
6. Nice Night To Die
7. Take The Fall
8. I Want You
9. Until It’s Gone
10. Cat Boy

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