Penny Lane/Steve Summers CD Release News


November 9, 2008

Penny Lane have posted the following news release at

Hi friends. We just wanted to let you know that the new songs are coming along great and sound insane…just killer. Please be patient with the new release, there are webs and tangles we are working through to make this all work out. We’ve also been slowed down with competing the new CD due to Keri Kelli on tour with Alice Cooper and Steve Summers who did the Pretty Boy Floyd reunion tour.

We record all this weekend and again in December when Keri completes the Alice Tour.

You can expect awesome new music, we would never release anything unworthy. Please spread the word, show our page some love with comments and soon you will hear the rocking new songs.

We only have a few Penny Lane “Anthology” CD’s left so you should order before none are left. See the front page of for ordering.

Thanks so much…
Billy Gash, Ray C., Steve Summers, Keri Kelli

Penny Lane/Steve Summers CD Release News

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