Perris Records distributor WOWHD providing free shipping for orders in 11 countries incl. Canada & UK

Perris Records distributor WOWHD providing free shipping for orders in 11 countries incl. Canada & UK

Given the difficulties with timely shipping due to the ongoing worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, Perris Records, which sells CDs from such Sleaze Roxx favourites as Helix, 99 Crimes and Dirty Looks, has arranged for free shipping to be done via WOWHD for eleven different countries including Canada, the UK, Japan, Australia and Germany.

Perris Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):


At this time, Perris is not shipping OUT OF THE USA including Canada, Mexico or anywhere Overseas. The post office is understaffed and shipping time frames are too slow. All of our new Perris Records titles and some older titles are available through our WOWHD distribution. 

Please click on our Canada & Overseas order icon at the top of this page.

WOWHD ships to Australia, Denmark, Germany, Canada, France, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, The Netherlands & United Kingdom (UK).


Testimonials of WOWHD customers  below:

Robert – The Netherlands – I bought 3 AOR Cds for only €35 Euro Free shipping and NO customs fees.

MasahiroJapan – I ordered the MoranoIncognito” CD,  they had it in stock and it was a quick delivery.

Frank – Canada – I have bought CSs from WOWHD for a year now. The Free shipping is not done by anyone.

Gerhard  – Germany – I got the HelixOld School” CD one of my favorite bands for only € 10.41 This CD would have cost me close to € 30 euro from the USA and a 4-6 weeks shipping time frame. 

David – Australia I saved $15 on the shipping cost from the USA and no customs fees. I got the SteelCity – Mach II CD in a few days, no more waiting 3-5 weeks from the USA I’m sold on WOWHD.. 

Fabien – France I’m a huge Dangerous Toys fan so I bought the 99 Crimes CD (featuring Paul Lidel). This was my first order with WOWHD. I will be ordering many more Perris Records titles from WOWHD very soon.”