Perris Records reveals its top selling CDs for 2019

Perris Records reveals its top selling CDs for 2019

US based record label Perris Records has unveiled its list of top selling CDs in 2019, and three of the eight releases have been reviewed on Sleaze Roxx.

Perris Records’ Top Selling Albums of 2019 (as per Facebook post on January 3, 2020):
01. HelixOld School
02. 99 Crimes99 Crimes
03. AORHeavenly Demos
04. Rain Or ShineThe Darkest
05. Moreno Incognito
06. AffaïreLess Ain’t More
07. Hollywood HairsprayVolume 8
08. Derek DavisResonator Blues

You can pick up any of these albums directly from Perris Records‘ website.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Helix‘s album Old School: “Overall, Helix‘s Old School is a fun blast from the past where great melodies, quality guitar licks, some excellent background vocals and lots of nuances are at a premium. There is not one rock anthem on the record but simply a bunch of quality songs that totally deserved to see the light of day and be released to the public. I also give two thumbs up for the album covers (front and back) that makes you think Old School right away. If you’re looking for some “old school” Helix, you should be more than satisfied with Old School. It’s arguably the best Helix album since Back For Another Taste (which remains my favourite  Helix record).”

Helix‘s “Whiskey Bent And Hellbound” lyric video (from Old School album):

02 Whiskey Bent And Hellbound

This is another track from OLD SCHOOL in which Daryl and I played around with the arrangement. Produced by Daryl Gray, mixed by Siegfried Meier at Beach Roa…

With respect to 99 Crimes‘ self-titled album fronted by Dangerous Toys and Dirty Looks guitarist Paul Lidel, Sleaze Roxx indicated in its review: “Although many people usually equate the name Paul Lidel with “guitarist”, there is no question that he can handle lead vocals and his guitar playing in 99 Crimes is very good too. His guitar playing is not spectacular and over the top like an Yngwie Malmsteen but solid, tasteful and riff based like an Angus Young. 99 Crimes‘ debut EP just missed making the cut on the Sleaze Roxx’s Top Ten Albums of 2018 but with the six new songs on their debut full-length album, 99 Crimes are currently well poised to finish inside the top ten. It’s still early in the year at this time but this is one album that I can put on at anytime and that I know that I’ll enjoy it from start to finish.”

99 Crimes‘ “Coming Down Like Rain” video (from 99 Crimes album):

99 Crimes – “Coming Down Like Rain”

Austin original hard rock band, 99 Crimes, performing “Coming Down like Rain.” Filmed and produced by Steve Miller @ AustinVideoSpecialist.comFilmed at the …