Phil Lewis explains that he’s unhappy with M3 Rock Festival not clarifying which L.A. Guns version is playing

Phil Lewis explains that he’s unhappy with M3 Rock Festival not clarifying which L.A. Guns version is playing

L.A. Guns frontman Phil Lewis has explained his position (along with guitarist Tracii Guns‘ position) with respect to the M3 Rock Festival appearance of L.A. Guns (featuring drummer Steve Riley and bassist Kelly Nickels) next weekend.

In a series of back and forth messages derived from a Facebook post from Steeler bassist Rik Fox late yesterday night inquiring about the lack of coverage for the upcoming KeelFest (which takes place at the Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio, USA on May 10, 2019 and which will have Keel, the Ron Keel Band and a partially reunited Steeler line-up performing), Lewis advised as follows:

Tracii and I are not unhappy about the M3 appearance of Riley and Co it’s just the shitty way it’s been orchestrated. We’ve got nothing against the principle of what there doing it’s just the way it’s been Surreptitiously advertised. We’d be backing it 100% if it wasn’t for the dirty little backstage faild coup Eric Baker set in motion

Tell the people what there getting it’s the decent thing to do.”

Back on December 6, 2018, the M3 Rock Festival announced its line-up which included L.A. Guns but there was no clarification on the poster that it wasn’t the active version of L.A. Guns featuring Lewis and Guns. That same day, Riley posted on a L.A. Guns‘ Facebook page that he was going to be playing the M3 Rock Festival in May 2019 with a bunch of L.A. Guns alumni. The M3 Rock Festival‘s announcement initially seemed to have caused some confusion among L.A. Guns fans as Tracii Guns had to clarify on December 6th that his version of L.A. Guns was not playing at the upcoming M3 Rock Festival. The confusion among certain L.A. Guns fans seems to have continued since L.A. Guns guitarist Ace Von Johnson (who plays in Lewis and Guns‘ version of L.A. Guns) recently took to Twitter wishing that the M3 Rock Festival would be more up front about which L.A. Guns is playing since he was tired of telling people that Lewis and Guns‘ version of the band would not be playing the festival this year.


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