Phil Lewis Of L.A Guns’ Movie ‘Witchmaster General’ Being Re-Released

Phil Lewis Of L.A Guns’ Movie ‘Witchmaster General’ Being Re-Released

June 8, 2010

Phil Lewis Of L.A Guns' Movie 'Witchmaster General' Being Re-ReleasedYELLOW APE PRODUCTIONS have announced they are re-releasing two of their most successful titles — WITCHMASTER GENERAL starring L.A. GUNS singer PHIL LEWIS and GRAVE DANGER starring Legendary 80’s Playboy Playmate CATHY ST.GEORGE — and offering them together for only $19.99 with free shipping for a limited time only.

WITCHMASTER GENERAL is the film debut of charismatic L.A. GUNS singer PHIL LEWIS who plays a voodoo witch-doctor who runs a murder-for-hire business. Rogue Cinema calls the film a “good old fashioned drive-in movie,” and says Lewis is “perfectly cast.” Alongside Lewis in this darkly humorous cult film are scream queen SUZI LORRAINE, Playboy Playmate COLLEEN MARIE, and VIC MARTINO of THE SOPRANOS.

GRAVE DANGER is an anthology of scary stories with comic overtones featuring murderous dolls, killer housewives, blood, and beautiful women. Infernal Dreams calls it a “fun horror film that can satisfy a fan on many levels.” The ensemble cast features CATHY ST. GEORGE, KAYE BRAMBLETT of SQUEEZE PLAY and once again VIC MARTINO (‘Muzzy’ from THE SOPRANOS) as a scene-stealing mean husband.

Both films feature a score by new age instrumentalist MICHAEL KELLER and some thunderous old school heavy metal from Connecticut hard-rockers EMERALD MONKEY.

WITCHMASTER GENERAL and GRAVE DANGER are currently available everywhere, but for a limited time only can be purchased together for only $19.99 with free shipping (lowest price anywhere) through the Yellow Ape website in the ‘WHAT A PAIR’ sale (payments are made via Paypal).

This sale is for a limited time only. Visit for more information.

A script is currently in the works for a WITCHMASTER GENERAL sequel and GRAVE DANGER 2 is now shooting in New York. Be advised, these films contain profanity, violence and nudity and are aimed at an adult audience – viewer discretion is advised.

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