Phil Lewis states that ex-L.A. Guns guitarist Michael Grant got record deal and slot on cruise off his back

Phil Lewis states that ex-L.A. Guns guitarist Michael Grant got record deal and slot on cruise off his back

L.A. Guns lead vocalist Phil Lewis continues to speak ill of some of his former L.A. Guns bandmates. Lewis has inexplicably and routinely spoke ill of the musical capabilities of his former L.A. Guns classic line-up bandmates Steve Riley and Kelly Nickels including in an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in March 2019 where he stated that Riley‘s drumming deteriorated over time and Nickels could never play bass. Lewis, Nickels and Riley along with guitarist Tracii Guns and guitarist Mick Cripps formed part of what is widely accepted as L.A. Guns‘ classic line-up. Nickels played on the first four L.A. Guns studio albums — L.A. Guns (1988), Cocked & Loaded (1989), Hollywood Vampires (1991) and Vicious Circle (1994). Riley was the band manager during most of his tenure in L.A. Guns and played on every L.A. Guns studio album except the self-titled debut (1988), Vicious Circle (1994), The Missing Peace (2017) and The Devil You Know (2019). Lewis played on every L.A. Guns studio album except American Hardcore (1996) and Shrinking Violet (1999). It was during the time period of those two latter albums that Tracii Guns elected to split the band ownership on a 50-50 basis with Riley.

During its interview with Lewis in March 2019, Sleaze Roxx asked him to clarify whether guitarist Michael Grant left L.A. Guns or got fired from the band in March 2018. After first stating that it was “none of your business mate”, Lewis advised: “Well, I mean, working with him was little bit like running a marathon with a stone in my shoe.”

Lewis has recently posted various comments on various Facebook posts including the L.A. Guns Facebook page controlled by his former long-time bandmate Steve Riley. Someone asked Lewis why Grant was fired today to which the former replied: “You know I watched an Oprah interview and she said at this stage in her life she only wanted to talk and be around the people she chooses. I found Michael to be a narcissist sociopath and after countless warnings to modify his behavior I just woke up and realized we need the kind of energy and teamwork that somebody like Ace v Johnson brings to the band. K?”

Lewis later added another comment where he stated: “What part of my explanation didn’t you understand? If Michael wants to “stand out” I’ve given him the perfect opportunity I kept him busy working and making money for 5 years. He got a record deal and a slot on the cruise off my back and has still yet to Stand out so I’m confident in saying you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about”.

Of note, Lewis has yet to provide concrete examples of the behaviour that Grant was warned to modify during his time in L.A. Guns.

Following his departure from L.A. Guns, Grant announced that he was continuing with his band Michael Grant + The Assassins and his group ended playing the Monsters of Rock Cruise in February 2019.

Michael Grant + The Assassins performing “Red Light Run” at the Monsters of Rock Cruise in February 2019:

Monsters of Rock Cruise 2/24-3/1/2019 – Michael Grant and the Assassins: Red Light Run

Former guitarist from LA Guns now with his own band and doing just fine!! 🙂 New Frontiers Recording Artist too!! Congrats to Michael Grant and the Assassins…