Phoenix In Flames continue search for new guitarist

Phoenix In Flames continue search for new guitarist

Almost two months after their long-time guitarist Japps advised that he would be leaving the band, the remaining members in Phoenix In Flames continue their search for a new guitarist.

Phoenix In Flames photoSpeaking exclusively with Sleaze Roxx back in late January 2016, Phoenix In Flames lead vocalist and bassist Cornelius Black talked about since when Japps decided that he would be leaving the group: “On January 19th [2016], we had not play together in almost seven weeks. Of course, we always take a short break during the holidays but most of the band members were eager to start working again on the group’s multiple projects so we all gathered to discuss future plans. Globally, we were sharing the same vision and this is why we were rather surprised when Japps made his announcement just the day after the meeting. He wrote us a very beautiful and touching letter explaining the reasons of is departure.”

Black went on to state what he thought prompted Japps‘ departure from the group: “Mostly, he wanted to invest his time and energy elsewhere while he still could. It gets more difficult than ever to make money in show business and there are a lot of great bands. Being part of an emerging band is like being part of a pirate crew. You must enjoy adventurous trips and a little discomfort. For the last little while, he was not showing as much passion as before.”

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