Phoenix In Flames to release first full-length album ‘Look Out!’ on February 24th

Phoenix In Flames to release first full-length album ‘Look Out!’ on February 24th

Canadian hard rockers Phoenix In Flames have announced that they will be releasing their first full-length album entitled Look Out! on February 24, 2017.

The following message was posted on Phoenix In Flames‘ Facebook page on January 21, 2017:

“So, here’s the big news: we are finally going to release ”LOOK OUT!”, our very first long play album, on February the 24th. Eleven brand new tracks are waiting to be discoverd via compact disc or digital download for only 10 dollars. More info about the album launch event is comming, stay tuned!”

Phoenix In Flames have already released two EPs to date: Rise From The Ashes (2013) and Howling For Power (2015).

Sleaze Roxx first reviewed Phoenix In Flames‘ latest EP Howling For Power before reviewing the band’s earlier EP Rise From The Ashes. Sleaze Roxx stated in its review of Rise From The Ashes:

“After my review of Phoenix In Flames‘ Howling For Power EP, where I criticized vocalist Cornelius Black‘s singing to the point that I concluded the band should get a replacement, I had a pleasant exchange of Facebook messages with the frontman. Black advised that his singing had changed significantly from Phoenix In Flames‘ debut EP Rise From The Ashes to their second effort. To his credit, and despite my overall negative opinion of Howling For Power, Black invited me to review the band’s 2013 debut.

Had someone given me Rise From The Ashes to listen to without letting me know who the band was, I would have never been able to guess that it was the same group that would later release Howling For Power. First of all, Phoenix In Flames had a member playing keyboards (Mike DaniHell‘s, who apparently left the band to study cooking), and secondly Black is actually singing on Rise From The Ashes — albeit with a French accent at times — compared to the “growls” that he often let out on the follow-up. Finally, Rise From The Ashes has better overall songwriting and a retro feel to it, akin to the great ’70s hard rock and metal records that had full-time keyboardists to complement the sound.”

Phoenix In Flames‘ “Sunday Hero” (from Rise From The Ashes EP): song:

Phoenix in Flames – Sunday Hero

The 5th track of the EP ”Rise From The Ashes” by the Canadian hard rock band Phoenix In

Phoenix In Flames‘ “The Will To Power” (from Howling For Power EP) song:

Phoenix in Flames – The Will to Power

5th track of the 2nd EP by Phoenix in