Photographer Marty Temme Shares Pictures With Sleaze Roxx


April 20, 2009

Marty Temme is one of the most published music photographers of the last twenty years, and he has agreed to share some of his work and photgraphy stories with Sleaze Roxx. Marty’s gallery can be found at

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Axl Rose sitting – April, 1989
“This was at Axl’s condo above Sunset Blvd overlooking Hollywood just up the road from Tower Records. I used to hang out up there with my buddy Robert John, who was Guns N’Roses official photographer. What people don’t know is Axl is a very laid back guy, a great conversationalist and host. He’s just as comfortable talking with a young fan as he is with someone like Donald Trump, and there would be all kinds of cool people there, not too mention no shortage of beautiful babes. I was there that night doing a photo shoot of Axl and Robert for RockScene magazine. Off to one side Axl had just hung up the actual painting commissoned by him for Use Your Illusion and it looked amazing, he loved it. Off to the other side was a huge mirrored wall that had been shattered, which can be see in the background of Robert’s photo of Axl on the cover of Rolling Stone, those were special times and Axl is still just as cool. Recently Alice In Chains opened for GNR, Axl let me shoot the show, he looked great and sounded nothing short of amazing.”

Alice In Chains – August, 1990
“Man in the Box was just hitting big on radio. We had just done our first group shoot in their tiny room at The Franklin Hotel on Franklin Ave in Hollywood. The guys were stoked by the polaroids, Jerry said, “that’s like the best photo I’ve ever seen of me”, so we decided to hit the street and do more. This photo was taken at 1:00am in Hollywood at the busy corner of Sunset and LaBrea in front of this diner right on the sidewalk. It was a super hot August night and there were all kinds of street freaks walking through the shoot so eventually instead of waiting for them to pass I just snapped some pics of the band hangin with the freaks, Alice had no problem mixing with Hollwood weirdos, it was an Alice In Chains classic. 20 years later and we haven’t changed a bit.”

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