Photos Of Phil Lewis’ Feature Film Debut Online


April 9, 2008

First photos from ‘Witchmaster General’ – the feature film debut of L.A.Guns singer Phil Lewis.

Shooting has just wrapped for L.A. Guns singer Phil Lewis’ scenes in ‘Witchmaster General’.

The first photos have been released and can be viewed at

Phil Lewis Witchmaster General

According to Producer/Writer/Director Jim Haggerty, ‘We just finished filming the Phil Lewis parts for ‘Witchmaster General’ and everything went even better than I had hoped. Phil was the absolute embodiement of Dr. Gorgon – he really got the both the menace and the humor of the character I created.’

Haggerty can’t say enough good about the singer or his abilities as an actor. ‘Growing up listening to L.A. Guns and being a longtime fan of Phil’s, it was so amazing to have the opportunity to work with him and have him be the star of my film. And what’s really great is he’s an amazing actor, a complete professional and a perfect gentleman. He was always kind, considerate, and dedicated to what we were doing. There was not a hint of ego – he really was ready to go to any lengths to make the scenes work and nail everything exactly how I wanted it.’

‘And Phil’s performance was a joy to behold. It amazed us all that he really hasn’t done very much acting before. I think every single actor and crew person on set had to ask me if he’d done this before because he was so good. Casting Phil as Dr. Gorgon is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.’

Opposite Phil in the film is Vic Martino of ‘The Sopranos’ as Inspector Keith Stone – the nemesis of Phil’s evil Dr. Gorgon.

‘The scenes with Phil and Vic are great,’ Haggerty says. ‘There’s just these great moments of this real hard-boiled, sarcastic cop tangling with the wily, sneering evil witchdoctor. It really works – Vic is probably doing the best work of his career and Phil is so on-target. It’s really the right guys for the roles and they have a field day with it. I can’t wait until this movie sees the light of day.’

The film will see the light of day sometime in late 2008/early 2009 after Haggerty’s highly anticipated ‘Grave Danger’ (which also stars Martino, as well as legendary Playboy Playmate Cathy St.George) is released this Summer (official website:

‘We’ve got more stuff to shoot all through April for ‘Witchmaster General’ and we’re in post-production for ‘Grave Danger’ right now. That should be out by the Summer and then ‘Witchmaster’ should get out the last quarter of this year or first quarter of next year. We’re looking for distributors now. We have to move it along fast because I’m already gearing up to write ‘Witchmaster General 2′!’ Haggerty says.

View a trailer of Jim Haggerty’s ‘Grave Danger’ below:

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