Plastic Tears release video for song “Dark Passenger”

Plastic Tears release video for song “Dark Passenger”

Finnish rockers Plastic Tears have released a video for their song “Dark Passenger” from their third album Angels With Attitude, which was released via City of Lights Records back in June 2018.

Plastic Tears frontman Miqu December described the track “Dark Passenger” as follows: “Dark Passenger is a song about the dark side of the mind and dual personality. When the dark side makes you do things you wouldn’t want to do and how you try to rid it. The song itself is hard rocking and Nauri Nykänen’s role as a psychiatrist with understated but meaningful expressions tops off the video. The video is made with a dash of humor despite the serious subject.”

Sleaze Roxx stated as follows in its review of Angels With Attitude: “Amazingly, Plastic Tears date all the way back to 1992. They have taken their time releasing full-length albums with about nine years between releases. The group’s debut album Stranded In Rock ‘N’ Roll was released in 2000 followed by Nine Lives Never Dies in 2009 and now Angels With Attitude. I can’t say that I am familiar with the band’s two first albums so can’t say whether the band has grown or changed its style over the now 18 years since its debut album. What you do get from Plastic Tears on Angels With Attitude is a lot of Hanoi Rocks influences mixed in with a little Faster Pussycat and some pop rock tendencies.”

Plastic Tears‘ “Dark Passenger” video:

Plastic Tears – Dark Passenger

“Dark Passenger” by Plastic Tears from the ‘Angels With Attitude’ album.Director, edit and camera: Eco Inkinen.Camera: Mikke Strandberg, Juha Kinnunen.Starri…